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DSL: the closest to Dire Straits reforming you are ever going to get.

Dire Straits no longer exists, and any hope the band will reform and play another concert has been quashed by alleged reports that Mark Knopfler will never tour again. This band, DSL Dire Straits Legacy, is as close as you are ever going to get to Dire Straits reforming.

Here’s why:

We are a band of globally celebrated musicians, five of who recorded and toured with Dire Straits, and one of whom, keyboardist Alan Clark, was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a significant member of the band. Our bass player, Trevor Horn, also knows a thing or two about music; he is widely regarded as the world’s greatest record producer. Our guitarist, Phil Palmer, played on Dire Straits’ On every Street record and tour and features on hundreds of records of other major artists and bands. Our percussion player, Danny Cummings, also played on the On Every Street record and tour and has since worked extensively with Mark Knopfler, playing drums in his band for many years, and played on his latest tour, Mark’s last, as his percussionist. Our sax player, Mel Collins, played on Dire Straits’ Alchemy record and toured for several years with the band, has played on countless major records, and is currently touring with King Crimson. Our frontman, Marco Caviglia, is one of the world’s leading authorities on Mark Knopfler’s music and guitar technique, and a fine guitarist and frontman. We are not Dire Straits; Dire Straits could not exist without Mark Knopfler. But we are the next best thing. And we are the closest to Dire Straits reforming that you are ever going to get.  

DSL: the closest to Dire Straits reforming you are ever going to get.

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